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Counselling, Drummoyne NSW

Kate Bambach Counselling is located in Drummoyne NSW as an online service and walking therapy. Kate has extensive professional experience working as a counsellor with individuals, couples and families, and specialises in trauma based issues and parenting skills and techniques.


Kate's main forms of counselling are:

  • Individual counselling

  • Family counselling

  • Parenting counselling

  • Couple counselling


Her clients consist of people of all ages and backgrounds, with a variety of issues such as breakdown of a marriage, anxiety and depression, relationship conflicts, parental difficulties, family disconnection, anger management, and low self-esteem..


Your Privacy


Kate believes in client confidentiality and understands the importance of keeping your personal business private.

Your session will never be discussed with anyone else, other than a professional supervisor if necessary. She also does not discuss her client list with anyone, so that you may see her without anyone else knowing.

Kate is bound by professional codes of conduct as a member of key industry bodies, and as a qualified practitioner.

Culburra Beach

Kate has worked with clients who have conditions and/or issues with:


  • anxiety

  • depression

  • marriage issues

  • mania

  • separation and divorce

  • family issues

  • attention deficit disorder

  • personality disorder

  • trauma

  • domestic violence

  • parenting issues

  • borderline personality disorder

  • post traumatic stress disorder

  • post natal depression

Anxiety depression
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