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Kate Bambach Counselling

Counselling Success Stories

Please note that these are the personal stories and lives of some of my clients, so for privacy reasons all will be named ANONYMOUS.



Kate has helped me with identifying my triggers and to use tools before falling into that dreaded black hole. I have also learnt to have stronger boundaries with people in my life, and to realise from certain feelings when a boundary has been crossed, as I get a bad feeling in my stomach.


When dealing with anxiety, Kate has helped me to break this down and to get to the core of the issue.


After many years of struggling with depression, anxiety leading to addiction and self-harm, Kate Bambach was a very influential part of my recovery. Not only did she give me her time, she provided me with a huge amount of helpful support and empathy. I felt like I could depend on her professionally and never be judged for my actions. Not only am I sober and healthy, I have managed to take on and implicate her counselling methods in my personal life. Using these methods my mental health doesn’t control me anymore, I can control it. I am so grateful to have and still have her support.


When I get depressed, instead of getting worse Kate has helped by saying what are going to do about it and helped me develop my own proactive ways to tackle the problem, so I don't get even more depressed.




In working with Kate, I have learnt about how my thoughts and feelings don't have to control me, I can control them. She has taught me how to analyse them, then separate them from myself and put the bad thoughts aside rather than letting them make me more anxious.



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