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Couple Counselling

"No-one ever taught me how to have a relationship. I just kind of fumble through it the best I can. I wish I could get him to understand how to meet my needs."

Do you long for a healthy relationship that doesn’t constantly cause you pain? 

Maybe you are experiencing some or all of the following:

• the tiring constant bickering with your partner 

• running away from issues and never resolving them

• blaming, criticising or attacking your partner

• a dissatisfying sex life where your needs don’t get met

• holding on to past relationship hurts and pain

• feeling insecure, clingy and jealous with your partner

Couple counselling can help you break free from destructive patterns to create the loving relationship you have always longed for.

Through couple counselling you can have:

  • Open, honest and respectful communication where you are truly heard

  • Issues that get resolved and brings you closer together

  • Renewed sexual vitality with your partner

  • A trusting and meaningful relationship 

  • A greater love for yourself and your relationship

  • Shared meaning, purpose and vision for your life and your relationship.

Through couple counselling Kate can help you form a relationship that is loving, nurturing and fullfilling. You can grow in your relationship and relate in healthy ways. You can find a way to voice your deepest needs. You can feel safe and secure in a long-lasting and profoundly satisfying relationship.

Couple Counselling Culburra Beach NSW
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